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The RONIN DOJO is an educational portal that covers a wide range of personal finance and investment topics that typically intimidates the average Filipino: the stock market, mutual funds, insurance, budgeting and debt management etc. Our goal is to empower Filipinos by providing them with a place not only to learn about personal finance but also a place to practice the skills that they have learned.

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Aya Laraya, MBA, RFP, CIS, CSR

Been involved in some way shape or form in the different financial industries in the Philippines since 1989. Have been a banker, realtor, equity trader and mutual fund agent. Have held or currently hold most of the pertinent licenses and currently teach for the Philippine Stock Exchange, RFP Philippines and a couple of international colleges. Created the Pesos and Sense TV show in 2011 and now focused on teaching people what to do with their money.

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Santiago Arnaiz

Day 3 Innovations - Founder

Hard pivots are par for the course when it comes to startup ventures. Even before we began offering our products and services commercially, we knew we’d be redefining our business many times over. So we knew that what we needed was a strategic partner who understood our long-term vision to not only lay down the foundation for a sound financial model, but also work with us to regularly transform it to meet our ever-changing needs. Experience, expertise, flexibility, and foresight—we found all that and more with Ronin.

Erika Modina

Project Fort - Founder / CEO

As someone who just started a company, Ronin was our backbone through all the financial, legal, and administrative requirements. Their services go beyond making things easier for you as they teach you how to be strategic with your resources and instill having attention to detail throughout. Without Ronin, we wouldn't be able to navigate the startup ecosystem, much more doing it flawlessly during a pandemic.